About Us

It was the year 1998. A new group was formed in an effort to bring back an old familiar sound. A sound resembling groups like Chicago, Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire, Blood Sweat and Tears, Steely Dan and the like…

A group comprised of some of South Florida’s finest musicians, all of whom shared a passion for quality music, in an industry over inundated with pre recorded track bands and everything but real quality.

This group was intentionally set in place to pay tribute to the best music of our time with particular attention given to those classic horn bands and still have the ability to accommodate any large or small – scale function with the right level of stylistic diversity required to cover any event need from start to finish with consistent professional reliability.

This way, when ever an event committee or individual client was in the process of considering what band would be the main ingredient of making their upcoming event the outstanding memorable occasion it deserved to be? the answer would be universally known as “The Brass Evolution ”…>>>

Now, many years later, with our quality reputation for what we set out to do well established, we, like every business across the country are finding ways to navigate our success without compromising who we are or the vision for what we set out to do. We continue to do this  in a way that understands your budgetary limitations while at the same time respects our efforts for what we have to offer the events we do.

“The Brass Evolution” is in place with several group style and tribute  options ready to provide you with the absolute best live entertainment experience  South Florida has to offer.

For your private Corporate events, We understand that there is more to making an event great other than just being a great band…It takes event know how, the ability to Emcee and offer event guidance in a confident and professional manner, program flexibility, and an over all cooperative spirit that reflects the vision of the event’s host. Things that are at the core of who we are and what we have represented on a consistent basis for well over a decade with thousands of successful jobs to our credit.

The Brass Evolution rises to the occasion of any indoor or outdoor function, accommodates all age groups, and can tailor a show around any style or theme that you might have in mind. This way you get the quality band that you have been hoping for with enough variety in show material to keep your guests entertained year after year.

High enthusiastic energy, group sized options, quality true to sound horn arrangements, rotating lead and back up vocals, creative harmonies, strong danceable rhythms, including Latin percussion, combined in a original show format characterize our performance.

For your ceremony or cocktail hour, to the final dance of the evening, this band is the key ingredient to bringing out the life of any party…

So what is it that you have in mind???

Allow The Brass Evolution the Opportunity of being a part of your event’s memorable success…

History (Band Leader Jody Marlow’s personal history first…scroll down for the band’s event affiliation history).

As a kid growing up through the 60’s, with a Father who is a Master Ballroom Dance instructor/performer, I had the amazing good fortune to be continuously exposed to people dancing to the great sounds of the”Big Band” era. Sinatra, Dean Martin, Glen Miller, Ellington, Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Harry James Orchestra etc…

I can remember several evenings where I was with Dad at one of his private Dance Functions (doing the door man/kid thing), where I would become tired (as any 4year old would), I’d find my Mom’s table, crawl up underneath it, find a comfortable position and proceed to get mesmerized (viewed through the legs and skirts…of all the Dancers) by the musicians on the band stand. I had the best view in the house…

As a child I became an extremely attentive listener. Even though I learned all the ballroom dances and rhythms and such, I have undeniably taken more to the music…(sorry Dad…)

So time moves on and I can’t seem to shake this love for quality music performed live. I find myself being blessed with the ability to play and sing the music I love, and I love to surround myself with quality people who do it for the same reason as I do…For the Love of it…

Since I started this musical journey as a Sax Player, exposed to great”Big Band” Era material from back” in the day” combined with my era’s “Rock and Roll” from the 60 to date…I naturally gravitate to groups like EWF, Chicago, Average White Band, BS&T, Steely Dan, Michael Buble, Dave Mathews etc…All whom utilize Horns…

I have come to realize that whenever someone asks me how long I have been playing, my natural answer is to simply reply “not long enough”…>>>

So here I am years later, after experiencing life as a musician in the USAF Band, and as somebody else’s side player for the many years I have been playing, taking responsibility for developing my God given talent as a musician…and representing all that I do as a Band Leader with quality and respect for those I affiliate my time and talent with.

A big part of what drives me as a player is that for what ever reason, I still absolutely Love playing music…and I feel blessed having been given the gifts that I have that are different than yours…and I feel it’s my deal in life to represent what ever I’m suppose to be the best way that I know how…

Part of what drives me as a Band Leader/Musician Advocate is that I can’t stand some of the styles of leadership that I experienced that I found completely disrespectful for the amount of time and energy I put into becoming a quality pro player…(Like the music industry itself isn’t disrespectful enough…)

And so, it is with a tremendous amount of experience as a musician with experience related to what gets people to listen, what makes people dance, and how to coordinate a large variety of events… that I have entered into this position as a Band Leader…a leader with a vision for fair based respect filled treatment to all clients and musicians I have the opportunity to work with… Keeping as many quality people who happen to be great worthy musicians working as much as possible. Performing as much “Horn Based” material as my predominant 1st love and preferred style of music as possible with continual steps in the direction of progress, finding the material that deserves to be redone with great respectful representation…and the realization that it’s more about the music and those appreciating what we do, either as a player or a listener of the music, than it is about me….

And so “The Brass Evolution” expresses in it’s name all that we have to look forward to…

So here’s a little bit of what we have done as a group of quality focused performers…>>>

Event/Client References

We have been performing in the South Fl area and around the US since 1996. During this time we have had amazing opportunities as a group to play a wide variety of jobs together. These event types include “Main Event” Indoor and Outdoor concerts, Charity Balls, Corporate Dinner/Galas, a large variety of Holiday/Thematic parties, Country Club membership events, Community Concerts and Festivals, a plethora of fun Elegant Weddings, Beach Parties, Back Yard parties, an occasional higher end Club, a few Bat and Bar Mitzvahs where there was either a kid who appreciated great music or we were hired to play for the adults while the children went off in another room with the DJ…, Chamber of Commerce/Rotary events, etc…

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Thematic parties have included,

Dancing with the Stars...Corporate Event for The Hard Rock Resorts and Casinos of Hollywood

(3 hours of strictly Big Band Styled Ballroom Dance Music, SInatra, Buble, Ellington etc…)

Decor and Event production Services provided By “Sixth Star Entertainment”

Austin Powers Disco Night… Private Company Corporate Event… Also Held at Hollywood’s Hard Rock Resort and Casinos

( 3 hours of nothing but the best Disco material. KC, Michael jackson, Donna Summer , Bee Gees…Etc…)

Decor and Event production Services provided By “Sixth Star Entertainment”

Motown Featured event… Another Hollywood Hard Rock Resorts and Casino Event for their High Roller Clientele.

(3 hours of nothing but Motown material…Spinners, 4 tops, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Stevie, etc…)

Decor and Event production Services provided By “Sixth Star Entertainment”

Music Around the World… A New Year’s Eve Celebration Party for Paradise Island, Atlantis Nassau Bahamas. (Over 1200 in attendance)

( Variety of musical selections that represented groups from around the World…Duran Duran, U2, The Stones, Beatles, NXS…etc..)

All Decor and production/event services were provided by the amazing production services of Doug Jones and his Sixth Star Entertainment Staff.

Pirates of the Caribbean Theme… A New Year’s Eve Celebration Party for Paradise Island, Atlantis Nassau Bahamas. (Over 1200 in attendance)

( Variety of musical selections that met the upbeat “Rockn” theme of the evening…ie Renegade from Styx, Pirate at 40 Jimmy Buffet, Smoke on the Water Deep Purple, Ride Like the Wind Christopher Cross etc…This event included Flyers, Dance teams, Sword Fighting, Tyco Drummers who were the Drunken Pirates, Amazing acrobatics and costunes…)

All Decor and production/event services were provided by the amazing production services of Doug Jones and His Sixth Star Entertainment Staff.

Atlantis a Go Go…A New Years Eve Celebration Party for Paradise Island, Atlantis Nassau Bahammas.(Over 1200 in attendance)

(60’s Theme which featured a Variety of musical selections that met the upbeat “Rockn” theme of the evening….Doors, Led Zeplin, Spiral Staircase, Jimi Hendrix, Caged GO GO Dancers, Psychodelic decor…another amazing event that ended with TBE Backing the Las Vegas’s “This Is Tom Jones” tribute Act. ( Our ability to read lends itself to our ability to pretty much back anybody.

All Decor and production/event services were provided by the amazing production services of Doug Jones and His Sixth Star Entertainment Staff.

Clubs Through the Years…A New Year’s Eve Celebration Party for Paradise Island, Atlantis Nassau Bahammas (Over 1200 in attendance)

(From the Cotton Club Jump Swing Era for one set into a Latin Set based on Mr Babaloo himself Ricky Ricardo’s Copa Cabanna Club into a Whisky a Gog Go Rock n’ Roll set, followed with with TBE Backing “The Rat Pack” Featuring Dezmund Meeks (American Idol top ten Vocalist) as Sammy, James Torme (Mel’s Son) As Frank, A Dean Martin Vocalist out of Canada and ending at Studio 54 Disco into the new year…

Again, amazing Decor and complete “Turn Key” production services provided by Mr Doug Jones and his amazing Sixth Star event service staff. Each of these Atlantis events had attendance numbers in excess of 1200 “Atlantis High Roller Clientel”.

Opened for Chicago in Las Vegas at Ceasar’s Palace for a private Corporate function (Over 8000 in attendance)

Opened for the Beach Boys (40th Aneversary Tour) At Traditions in Port Saint Lucie (Sue Berg Reference) (Over 10,000 in attendance)

Opened For Ms Patti Labelle Private Big Back Yard Party Ft Lauderdale

Opened for the Band America Pompano Seafood Fest

Opened for the Turtles Pompano Seafood Fest

Opened for Spyro Gyra at Parkland’s Our Town Festival

Opened for the 4 tops private Corporate event

Open and Closed for Earth Wind and Fire Hollywood Hard Rock Resort and Casinos

Performed as the featured After party band for Brooks and Dunn, Tower of Power, The Pointer Sisters,Delbert McClinton, Richard Elliot, James Brown, Roberta Flack

2 Consequtive years for the Broward County’s Mayor’s Gala Broward Convention Center. (Over 1200 in attendance)

The Everglades CC in Palm Beach for a season Closing private client affair…

Boca Roton Membership Club Snowflake Ball

The Floridian (Wayne Hyzinga’s Club in Stuart) membership Thematic Contemporary Country Western party

National Home Builders Association Convention

Barrett Jackson Car Show

Performed at the George Strait Country Festival Kick off party as part of a Nokia sponsored Corporate Event

ADT Securities Corporate Event

262 Five Nashville Production event Christmas Party.

Featured performance in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday Movie

International Polo/Wellington Events

and several other Fortune 500 Companies and International Charity Functions…

Riverwalk Restoration Ft Lauderdale

Voices 4 Children

Deliver the Dream, Inc.

Ft Lauderdale Woman’s Club

St. Marks Apiscopal School Fundraiser

Connor Moran Children’s Cancer Foundation
……because kids can’t fight cancer alone!

American Red Cross
John Karr (Ex~Wild Life Care)

Shake A Leg Miami, Inc
Juan Saborido
Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator
305-858-5550 x102


Arron’s Catering

Continenal Craters

Caribbean Caterers

Boy Scouts of America Palm Bch Chapter

Town of Palm Beach Fireman’s Ball (Sponsored by Mr Fireman)

Opened for Chuck Mangione Marlago for Facial Disfigurement Organization Charity

Wild Life Care Center

Seafarers’ House/Golden Compass Award

Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach

BAM Boca Art Museum


Grand Oaks Country Club

Palm City’s Floridian
(Hizinga’s Fla CC).

The Florida Marlins

Miami Dolphins

Govenor’s Club WPB

Indian Creek CC/Bal Harbor

PGA Members Club

Bear Lakes Country Club

Fort Lauderdale Grande Hotel and Yacht Club

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Indian Spring Country Club

Burt Reynold’s Institute (Brift)

Coral Gables CC


Light House Point Yacht Club

Jupiter Lighthouse Restoration FOundation

Club SunFest

Miner Document corpporation

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Professional FIre Fighters and Paramedics Local 2928

Mirasol CC

The Sudden Impact Foundation

Any work opportunity that you can point in our direction would be greatly appreciated…Please remember I no longer represent the band name Hot Brass Monkey legally however… I am the prior band leader who developed that group name and represented it to the majority of our bookings over the past 10 + Years/ there are People who might still associate my work with that name. ~j

Stay tuned for all that is to come…>>>

Future Plans

Continuing to find the select material that has the ability to be reproduced in a way that makes the music new again… Self promoted events…Continual support of live music directly through the well deserving live musician playing it for you. CD Series…Mentorship program opportunities for young aspiring musicians…Continuing to reflect the love of what we do one event at a time…